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Felicia Ann Ryan // Fashion Stylist


Multiple personalities. That’s the word combination that I would use to describe Damaris, but the description only goes as far as the surface, because it’s clear from the very beginning that despite the fact that Damaris can change her look from one extreme to the other with minimal effort, she has only one internal personality, calm, cool and confident with a steady stream of sureness. Perhaps this is how she manifests her absolute focus on the transformation. Regardless of how she does it, I do know that at the age of 18, if she has this much together now, there will only be more to come. 

I’m going to keep my eye roving in the distance, because this one will be going far #onetowatch

Without giving it all away, here are some snaps of behind the scenes at my shoot with:  Photographer \ Leah Vlemmiks, MUA \ Rachel Laura Lee, Model \ Damaris \ B&M Models



A little black dress will get you far, but little black everything will get you further. A look behind the scenes creating “Little Black Everything”