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Felicia Ann Ryan // Fashion Stylist


I’m sitting here typing one handed as I scratch the “too many to count” mosquito bites trailing down my arm, the collateral damage of shooting a fall editorial in the summer next to a barely moving stream in the heart of the country. To my left is an abandoned barn and to to my right the matching abandoned house. One would assume the house has been empty since 1805, but just barely sticking out the side of the roof, peeking through the over growth, the ancient remnants of a satellite dish can be seen confirming that, although the early 2000’s seem like a distant pass, this house hasn’t been abandoned as long as it looks. 

The mood I had for the wardrobe suited the area. I wanted to convey a woman’s deepest desire to be that country girl, the free spirit who knows how to handle things away from the conveniences of the city, mixing true country charm with the elegance of evening wear, the rugged parts of our personality combined with soft. I named this editorial, “Alone but not Lonely” because that’s how I feel about my inner country girl, I can be alone in the wilderness but not lonely, heck, I’m alone a lot, but not because I need to be, I enjoy it. I hope this allows you to get in touch with your inner country charm.

Creative Team //

Photography // Lenaic Sanz //

Concept // Fashion Styling + Direction // Felicia Ann Ryan

Makeup + Hair // The Face Collector //

Model // Skylar Curtis // Elite Toronto



I walk into the studio and am immediately greeted by a cheerful smiling face and an outstretched hand belonging to Simu Liu, actor and lead of CBC’s hit show, “Kim’s Convenience”. I’m a bit nervous, not because of Simu’s obvious talent and also obvious abs (he’s already getting ready to change) … but because he mentions that he’s used to flip flops and tees and not much else. My heart drops. “He’s going to think I’m too much”, I think, taking a side glance at my case filled with, ” I just walked out of fashion week” street style outfits. Sigh. I brush it off and get unpacking. 

Look one goes on and Simu says, “Do I look good?”. Simu does look good. And whether it’s his ability to act natural in any situation or because he is starting to feel the outfits, I’m not quite sure, but what I do know is that he makes the clothes, the clothes don’t make him. 

Here’s some behind the scenes with Simu Liu and photographer Hoyin Sui along with MUA and groomer Lillian Chan.


It would be normal in assuming that these two are long term friends, not similar enough in appearance to be sisters although I get that vibe from them, they are obviously close in ways that extend far beyond looks. When asked if they have worked together before (since they play off of each other so well) they both chime that they have, although neither can remember when or for what and remembering the details of the circumstances doesn’t seem to concern them because they are smack dab in the middle of the moment. In the background, as the make-up artist flicks the final touches with her brush on the face of one of the girls, I can hear them make plans for the summer, trying to work around their busy schedules. This is just one of those cosmic connections and one that is able to be captured through a lens,  the essence gathered and bottled up to be viewed later, and it made shooting with these two not feel like work at all. Here’s some BTS of a recent beach editorial with:

Photographer // Krushit Vanzara

Creative Direction//Fashion Styling // Felicia Ann Ryan

MUAH // Julia Crimson

Models // Bree Algra + Meagan Rivard // Anita Norris Models