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THE KIT: the secret weapon of the seasoned stylist

Everything You Need To Know To Go From Amateur To Pro

eBook + Workbook

You are about to be taken on a step by step guide through building your kit, from what you need in the beginning to what you'll need for large commercial jobs.

When you're done, you will know exactly what to bring on set for every job from personal creatives to nationally ran commercials and advertising campaigns and will have a fully packed kit that will take you from being amateur to pro, ready for every opportunity that comes your way, without the delay of years of trial and error.

Don't wait to find out what you're missing while on the job, putting your chance of being rehired at risk, be prepared, show up like you've done it all before and start building your kit using my step by step guide and tips that I accumulated while curating my own kit over the last 10 years. 

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