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I am constantly asked what the secret to getting started as a stylist is. My email is locked and loaded with inquiries to assist, DM's asking how I got started, and frustrated comments from aspiring stylists looking to break into the industry any way possible.

I get it, there's no guidebook; something I learned early on. 

And assisting a stylist has always been the sure way to get the start that you need. But what if you don't have a stylist you can assist? Or the experience to snag an assistant gig (stylists just don't have the time to train on the job). 

How do you get the experience you need, in order to get the experience you need. It's a classic catch-22.

If you've ever googled, "How to Become A Fashion Stylist", (C'mon, I know you have), you already know, there is little to no information out there. 

The only way to gain access to the right information is to get inside the industry and behind the scenes to discover how things really work.

Which is not easy to do; the industry is secretive and stylists are busy.

Which is why I wrote,'Starting Out As A Stylist'. 

The limitless possibilities, the yearning to create and be a part of the fashion industry, the deep desire to share a unique perspective and communicate through fashion, these were all feelings I had when I started, which is why I wrote the book that I wish I had in the beginning. 

I share with you what worked for me; the steps and actions, that created my career, despite the fact that I had zero contacts in the industry, no clients when I started and was from a town with more cows than people. 

Because not everyone has access to an established stylist to assist and learn from, (ok, most people don't), I share in the book the same insights that I share on set with interns and assistants, the same knowledge that I have used to grow as an artist myself.

In the book, I answer the frequently asked questions I receive most, many of which I had myself in the beginning, as I simultaneously pull you into my journey of becoming a stylist and building my styling business from the ground up. 

Answers to questions like: 

Where do I begin? What's the very first step I should take? What is a portfolio and how do I build one? How do I reach out to movers and shakers in the industry and what do I say when I do? Do I have to live in the big city to become a stylist? What does it mean to be represented? How do I find work?

Including how I managed to get my foot in the door of an industry notorious for being secretive, so that you can extract from the experience actionable advice that can be practically applied to your own journey, shared in a fun format that I know will make the steps of becoming a stylist clear and attainable.

I simmer it down into 50 things; 50 specific things that I did to build a successful career as a fashion stylist. 50 Secrets to Starting Out As A Stylist. 

50 things that you can do too. 

Whether you choose to do some or all of them is up to you, either way, you will finally have elusive answers to many burning questions along with 50 insights to Starting A Career As A Stylist. 


Whether you've ever been curious 

About the Life of a Fashion Stylist, what the job entails and whether you can develop your creative talents and make a living as a  professional

Whether you have ever wanted to take a course

In fashion communications or styling but would like to experiment with the idea before committing to a long term investment of your time and a large investment of money

Whether you don’t have access to an established stylist , maybe you don't live in a major city or have the resources to intern or assist full time

To figure out the ins and outs of the business and how to get your foot in the door before committing to a big move or time consuming internship

Whether you've started, but you're stuck 

And need a boost and a point in the right direction 

I am giving you access to an established stylist who has the answers.

What you do with it is up to you. 

Your future awaits. 


All pre-sale purchases of, "Starting Out As A Stylist" will instantly receive 'The Secret Weapon of the Seasoned Stylist'* a powerful resource to get you started right away. After purchase, you will be instantly invited to download The Secret Weapon of the Seasoned Stylist*. 

Readers will also be exclusively invited to join the private "Starting Out As A Stylist" Facebook Group where I share tutorials and tips with insider knowledge taking you on set and behind the scenes with me while also providing an opportunity to discuss ideas, share your story, show support and get feedback from fellow aspiring stylists. 

Upon release, you will receive your copy of the book, "Starting Out As A Stylist" straight to your inbox along with a free gift* from me

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