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#BTS The House with the Wallpaper

I passed the driveway to the house the first time. I knew the address was close and so I had brought my speed down to a pace that I could read the addresses. Actually, not so much addresses but the sequence of numbers country homes are given to identify themselves. A long time ago, someone who knows more about country living than I do referred to these numbers as the “emergency number”. I guess that means it’s the number the ambulance or fire truck or whatever emergency service uses to find the right house. The thought of it makes me feel even more isolated out here than before, the isolation both inviting and overwhelming at the same time. I reverse, no need to take the time to turn around on this empty road, and pull into the driveway that is so obvious now - I don’t know how I missed it. Perhaps subconsciously, it was the large looming sign boldly stating  “NO TRESPASSING” that caused me to mind my own business and drive by, I can’t be sure. I follow the winding dirt road and come up to a large house taking in the view from the gradual climb up the road - I could not see the house from the road, however, in polar opposite, I can see for my miles from the house. 

I unload my bags (and bags and bags and bags) and set up in one of the numerous living rooms. I find some time to wander the house before we start shooting and quickly find myself realizing how expansive the house is - previously deceived by what appeared to be a modest sized home from the outside. Passing through, from room to room, I feel the need to know who decided that the interior needed to look like this. Wallpaper blends into more wallpaper, the drapes matching the wallpaper (how?!) statues mounted to the wall; it’s floor to ceiling patterns with thick velour carpet running from one end to the other. I can feel the electricity, layers of  history like each person who has walked the halls left a little piece of their energy and it now vibrates through the walls. A home with this much character must have an interesting story, and here we were, about to add another page to the book. I take a moment to appreciate the overwhelming feeling of gratitude I have to experience such unexpected and interesting moments in my work day. “Another day at the office” I mumble to myself as I vaguely also wonder what stories go along with this property.  

It’s time to start shooting and I meander back to make my final adjustments to the models before we start. I’m taken downstairs into yet another livingroom (!!) and the photoshoot begins. Everything seems to culminate together and the models, now dressed, mould into the home naturally like long time residents, emanating the energy I had felt before. It’s vibrant and everybody seems to be feeling the creative spirit that has been awakened. For me, the house has become a character of its own, front and centre with the models, posing and smiling, using its best angles. Times like these resonate with me the strongest, when I realize how special the moment is and how that moment influences the final images so greatly; they’re sure to have a personality of their own, just as the house that they were captured in does. 

Behind the Scenes

with Photographer // Warren Rynkun

MUAH // Jennifer Reyes

Models // Mackenzie Huberr + Aiko Mare Gonzales from Elite 

Styled by Me

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