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#BTS Pastoral Fantasia

Whether we like it or not, there’s always a primitive motivation for what we do. A reason for our actions, subconsciously hidden within the depths of our complexities. Some believe that we are constantly coming to terms with our modern world, separated so far from where we came generations ago, when we were closer to nature, when the background was quieter, when work was connected to the land, when music was the wind, when entertainment was each other. For me - fashion is and always will be mixed with psychology and feeling. We wear that because it makes us feel this way, we believe ourselves to be a certain something and so we dress a certain way, we want people to understand who we think we are and so we show them through our clothing, expressing without words, letting our exterior translate what is going on inside our interior. This editorial plays on the idea that we are all striving to be grounded, working towards being less complicated and more connected to our roots. 

And it’s also the first time I’ve worked with professionally (and impossibly adorable) trained animal (“actors??”).

Here’s some behind the scenes with models Alyssa Tisdale and Olivia Vlaminck from Anita Norris Agency, Photographer John Oz with assistant Dax Verona, Makeup Artist Erin Wheatley and Hair Stylist Samantha Wilson.

Styled by me of course. 

Cock a doodle doo

And there’s more 

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